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There’s probably heaps of stuff you aren’t using at home that Pennywise could help you turn into an instant “on the spot” cash loan…

At Pennywise we have been helping our customers with simple short-term pawn loans since 1995. Simply bring in an item of value along with photo identification and we will assess on the spot whether we can offer you a loan and how much.

You could be walking out with cash in minutes!

Pawn Loans are a 3 month contract with interest calculated monthly meaning the sooner you re-pay the loan, the lower the interest will be. We also offer a discounted rate of interest for loans repaid within 14 days to help you save.

40% discount,
pay your loan in 14 days

3 month contract,
interest calculated monthly

Fees and Charges

A Pawnbroking Loan with Pennywise incurs no establishment fee and an Interest Rate of 35% per month. For example, a loan of $100, if finalised within 2 months would total $170 ($100 borrowed + 2 months x $35). Interest is charged in advance, on a monthly basis on the anniversary of your loan issue date. Example, a loan issued on the 15th January, the anniversary dates where interest is charged are the 15th of each month. Pawn Loans have a 3 month term, however can be reduced by paying out early at any time, or can be extended by paying monthly interest. If you are not in a position to finalise your loan by the end of the loan term, you can choose to forfeit your goods and we will close your loan with nothing to pay.